Episode 18: The Dooms Day Cult of Lori Vallow Daybell

What were the real beliefs of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell?

We get nitty-gritty and trace it back to an 1860 Mormon offshoot group called The Church of the Firstborn, a dooms-day cult that believed in reincarnation and started a war.

We also take a deep dive into the entire twisted tale of Lori Vallow, detailing the lives of both Lori and Chad, how they met and came to hold the bizarre beliefs that led to multiple murders, including the ritualist killing of Lori’s own daughter and adopted son.

We also see how sex, money and power went hand-in-hand with the rituals and beliefs. Surprise, surprise!

And author and filmmaker Aaron Crocker joins us today to help tell the story, and afterwards discusses his thoughts on religious cults, having been in one himself. So, be sure to listen afterwards for an in-depth discussion on the belief systems cults use to ensnare.

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