Episode 20: The Kentucky Cannibal Levi Boone Helm

Get ready for a rootin-tootin, true-crime good time, as we get into the life of notorious Wild West outlaw, gunslinger, and old-time serial killer Levi Boone Helm: The Kentucky Cannibal.

The American Frontier of the 1800s was a ruthless, brutal and lawless place where might made right and violence reigned, and no one epitomized this savagery better than Boone Helms.

Boone Helms’s reign of terror and bloodshed is the stuff of Wild West legend. In his murderous journeys across the American Frontier, from Missouri to San Francisco, from Oregon and Utah to the Montana territories, he escaped prisons and mental asylums, was a paid assassin, was a member of the infamous Innocents Gang, and in order to survive often resorted to cannibalism.

Join us as we take you on a wild historical journey that is often so crazy it’s hard to even believe. But it’s all true, as we document the life, crimes and utterly insane death of the Kentucky Cannibal, Levi Boone Helms, one of America’s most notorious and bloodthirsty gunslingers.

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