Episode 5: Three Modern Day Vampires

It’s blood-sucking ghouls time!!

Today we compare and contrast the crimes and psychology of three modern-day vampires.

The bloody-thirsty delusions of murderer Richard Chase, the Sacramento Vampire.

The sadistic and sexual blood lust of John Crutchley, the Vampire Rapist.

And the saddest road trip ever of the murderous Rod Ferrell, the Kentucky Teenage Vampire.

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Creepy Amusement Park theme by Brandon Fiechter and Derek Fiechter, used by permission and with many thanks.


Vampire: the Richard Chase Murders by Kevin Sullivan

The Sacramento Vampire: Life of Serial Killer Richard Trenton Chase by Jack Smith

The Vampire Next Door: The True Story of the Vampire Rapist by J.T. Hunter

Kentucky Teenage Vampires (TV Documentary 1998)



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