Episode 9: Snuff Film Killers

The snuff film. What is it, and is it real or just an urban legend? And what kind of person would get sexual gratification from watching one?

We’ll explore these questions, as well as take a deep dive into two men whose obsession with snuff films led them to trying to make their own.

First there’s Jamie Reynolds from Shropshire, UK, whose obsession with violent pornography and snuff films led him to murder his 17-year-old neighbor Georgia Williams, filming the entire thing.

Then we get into Danish inventor and engineer Peter Madsen who murdered acclaimed Swedish journalist Kim Wall aboard his submarine. What authorities found on his laptop would shock the world.

Creepy Amusement Park theme by Brandon Fiechter and Derek Fiechter, used by permission and with many thanks.

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Into the Deep: the Submarine Murders Netflix documentary

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