Episode 27: Fritz Haarmann The Wolf Man of Hanover

World War I caused astounding economic and social ramifications in Germany. Severe reparations led to an extreme economic crisis marked by hyperinflation, unemployment, and widespread poverty. The social fabric of Germany was torn apart, allowing a vast criminal underground to flourish. And one of these criminals was a werewolf, prowling the city of Hanover at night, ripping the throats out of his innocent victims with his bare teeth.

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the tale of Fritz Haarmann, the Wolf Man of Hanover. His acts of sexual depravity, coldblooded murder and cannibalism would shock the world.

We delve deep into the childhood and upbringing of this infamous serial killer, exploring what it was that helped turn him into a terrifying monster that laid siege to an entire city. We also explore a corrupt police force that allowed him to flourish.

Fritz Haarmann was, among other things, a grave robber and underground butcher, selling choice pieces of meat on the black market where, because of post-war food rationing, it fetched a high price. But what exactly was this meat the strange man peddled in the streets of Hanover as pork?

From his birth, to his infamous last words spoken as he was led to the guillotine, we bring you the tale of one of the world’s most terrifying mass murderers.

So strap into the Murder Coaster, and prepare for a wild ride, as we explore famous true crime werewolves of history all month long, right up to Halloween day. Happy spooky season everyone, be safe and watch out for all those damn werewolves!!

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