Episode 29: True Crime Werewolf Madness

What does Hitler, Russia’s most prolific serial killer, and a Florida frat-boy cannibal have in common? They’re all werewolves!!!

Hitler was obsessed with wolves and werewolves. The name Adolf literally means “noble wolf” and Hitler often called himself Father Wolf. He also deployed not one, but two Werewolf Battalions during the nightmare of World War II.

Mikhail Viktorovich Popkov is Russia’s most prolific serial killer. He was also a policeman, who used his badge to lure unsuspecting women into his police car. His acts of murder and sexual sadism were so brutal and savage, he was branded the Werewolf of Angarsk.

Austin Harrouff was a clean-cut, all American frat boy going to college in Florida, but on August 15, 2016 he transformed into a monster, attacked a couple, killing them both, and in a barbaric act of cannibalism, ate the man’s face. And in 2020 he was formally diagnosed as suffering from clinical lycanthropy.

Today we will cover all three of these topics, as Werewolf October continues. Happy Spooky Season everyone and be sure to tune in on Halloween for a special surprise episode!!

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