Episode 31: FANG and the tragic death of Dixie Lee Carney

PUNK ROCK. It was a battle cry for alienated and disaffected youth around the world. Outsider kids who wanted to go wild in a cruel world where they saw no future. The rejected, the misfits, banding together and causing chaos. And in many ways, no band reflected the anarchistic spirit of the hardcore punk movement better than Fang, from Berkley California.

Fang would become infamous for their hedonism and drug-fueled debauchery while writing legendary that songs would go on to be covered by Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day, Mud Honey and the Butthole Surfers, among many others.

But the story of Fang is more than free-spirited punks going wild in the streets, it is a story of drugs and addiction, of forlorn love, broken friendships, shattered trust, betrayal of a code, innocence lost, and murder.

The cruel and senseless murder of Dixie Lee Carney sent shock waves across the punk community and beyond, leaving a trail of horror, strange accusations and devastated friendships in its wake.

Ladies and gentlemen, today we bring you the story of Fang and the tragic death of Dixie Lee Carney, told in four acts.

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Maximum RocknRoll #77, October 1989

GIMME SOMETHING BETTER: The Profound, Progressive and Occasionally Pointless History of Bay Area Pun from Dead Kennedys to Green Day compiled by Jack Boulware and Silke Tudor

(298) “Death of a Groupie” – A Current Affair (1990) Sammy of Fang – YouTube

Welcome To Sammy Town Documentary: https://youtu.be/mCb3MQO5878?si=EUNtu-37XI9oCbVC

(298) Talkin’ Schmit 114: SAMMYTOWN of FANG – YouTube

(298) FANG SAMMY INTERVIEW 2021 – YouTube

(298) Murder of Dixie Carney by Fang singer Sammytown McBride – YouTube

(298) SAM McBRIDE of FANG and SAMMYTOWN interview 1/19/20 with REV DEREK MOODY & SISTER TRACY – YouTube


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